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Reflections on a Successful Campaign

Some exciting data points from a thrilling campaign:

  • Over 4 months, we visited the homes of more than 4,000 voters

  • 66% of Corte Madera voters supported Eli Beckman (thank you all for that honor!)

  • They cast 2,281 votes in favor of helping our town seize this moment of opportunity

  • By a long shot, this was the most votes in history for any candidate for Corte Madera Town Council

  • Their support elected the youngest elected official in Marin County!

These facts say only one thing: the people of Corte Madera recognize that this is a critical moment for our community, and they agree overwhelmingly with our determination to invest in our town's future.

It's clear that our platform of renewing our commitment to responsible governance, preparing our town for the online retail era, and responding aggressively to the threat of climate change resonated with voters. As a member of the Town Council, those will remain my top priorities, and I ask that all Corte Maderans help us address these issues and more by staying in close touch with us, and by getting involved themselves.

I'd like to thank Corte Madera again for this immense honor. I look forward to working hard for you, starting the minute I'm sworn in on July 3rd.

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