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Eli Beckman was proudly endorsed in 2018

by respected voices of our community:

Marin Independent Journal

Eli is "a voice for younger residents" who "grew up in Corte Madera and has taken the time to get involved in civic affairs." -Editorial board

Central Marin Police Officers Association

"The Central Marin Police Officers Association is proud to endorse Eli Beckman for Corte Madera Town Council." -Sgt. Robert French, President

Marin Professional Firefighters

"The Marin Professional Firefighters are proud to announce our support for Eli Beckman for Corte Madera Town Council. Eli is motivated, involved, and the fresh voice we need to continue moving Corte Madera in a positive direction." -Ken Martin, MPF Political Director

Sierra Club

"Eli Beckman consistently shows a firm grasp of local environmental concerns. He presents thoughtful ways to resolve these challenges together." -Michele Barni, Sierra Club Marin Group Chair

Marin Association of Realtors

"Eli possesses a clear understanding of the issues facing Corte Madera. His outlook is refreshing and we look forward to working with him." -Andy Fegley, CEO

Marin County Young Democrats

"We are proud to endorse Eli Beckman for Town Council. Eli has a fresh and innovative vision for Corte Madera that will prepare his community for modern challenges." -Luke Heslip, MCYD Political Director

Assemblyman Marc Levine

"Eli Beckman's pragmatic leadership will help Corte Madera face the complex challenges of today and tomorrow. Eli has the long-term vision Corte Madera needs now."

Marin County Supervisor Dennis Rodoni

"Eli Beckman is the future of Corte Madera. He is smart, open, and willing to work for all the residents of Corte Madera; I am confident he will connect community members of all ages."

Marin County Supervisor Damon Connoly

"Eli’s focused on the critical issues facing Corte Madera, and has the energy and intellect to move Corte Madera forward towards long-term solutions."

Former Mayor Carla Condon

"Eli Beckman, a lifelong resident of Corte Madera, has only one agenda: to best serve the community. Eli would bring a fresh, new perspective and energy to the Town Council."

Former Mayor Jana Haehl

"Eli Beckman has a long-range perspective on Corte Madera’s future, along with intelligent ideas about how to preserve and protect the qualities that make this such a great place to live."

Dr. Bob Bundy, Flood Control Board Chairman

"Eli understands current issues impacting residents. He comes prepared, asks good questions, and has valuable suggestions. He will make an excellent member of our Town Council."

Lee & John Howard, NRG Program Coordinators

We support Eli for Town Council 100%. He will bring his sharp mind, his commitment to a role and his energy to the job.

Suzi Beatie, Mariner Cove NRG Lead

"Eli is incredibly committed and clearly will put his heart and intelligence into this job. He has thoughtful enthusiasm and creativity, yet a willingness to listen and learn; he will bring youthful new life and views to the table."

Glenda Corning, community activist & philanthropist

"Eli is energetic, inspired, and well-educated; plus, he grew up in Corte Madera! He understands the issues that face us and represents the voice of a new generation in our town's governance. He will be a great asset to the Town Council."

Ann Thomas, Marin Conservation League

"Eli Beckman is an environmentalist who knows thoughtful protection for the natural world is not only crucial for our native wildlife, but also helps safeguard Corte Madera's built environment from the emerging effects of climate change. He will be a fresh voice in town governance, and I urge you to support him."

Marin Women's PAC
Former Vice-Mayor Diane Furst
Flood Control Boardmember David Bell
Flood Control Boardmember Keith Forsman
Former Planning Commissioner Dave Johnson
Former Planning Commissioner Rosa Thomas
Lucy & Clyde Marquart
Linda Varonin
Mark Goldrosen
Karen Gerbosi
Bruce Lyall
Rachel Miller
David Macpherson
Marie & Chuck McDevitt
Susan Zed
Marinda Freeman
Carl Krawitt
Mary O'Malley
Peter & Marla Orth
Gary Nilsen
Rich Perlstein
Fmr. Mayor Jeff Slavitz, Tiburon
Nancy Sumner
Mitchell Mariott
Cheryl Longinotti
Karen Johnson
Heinz Feldman
Daniel Durkin
...and many more!

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