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Eli Beckman was proudly endorsed in 2022
respected voices of our community:

Marin Independent Journal

"Beckman has proved himself to be a hardworking Councilmember... He's been proactive and responsive. He grew up in town and knows the town, its people, its needs and its community character."

Congressman Jared Huffman

"Over the last four years, Eli has put in the work to deliver impressive results for Corte Madera on tough issues including the climate crisis, economic resiliency, and homelessness. I know the Town will continue to benefit from his dedicated leadership, and I look forward to working with him in the years ahead."

Senator Mike McGuire

“Eli works hard, he’s smart and is always committed to delivering for Corte Madera. He’s not afraid to tackle tough issues and he knows how to build bridges and bring all sides together. I’m thrilled to endorse his re-election.”

Sierra Club

"It is a joy to work alongside Eli Beckman on environmental and equity issues in Marin. He always shows up and contributes his all for the well-being of Corte Madera and beyond." -J. Reynolds, Sierra Club Marin Chair

Marin County Democratic Party
Marin Professional Firefighters
North Bay Labor Council
Marin Women's PAC
California Democratic Renters' Council
Marin Association of Realtors
SEIU Local 1021
North Bay Building & Construction Trades Council
California Young Democrats

"Eli has been a strong and effective voice on the Town Council and is a leader for young people up and down the North Coast. He's ready to continue his advocacy for long-term issues like housing a climate change, and the Young Democrats are right behind him along the way."

Marin County Supervisor Dennis Rodoni

"Eli Beckman is a proven leader for Corte Madera. He is smart, open, and willing to work for all the residents of Corte Madera; I am confident he will continue to connect community members of all ages."

Marin County Supervisor Damon Connoly

"Eli’s focused on the critical issues facing Corte Madera, and has the energy and intellect to move Corte Madera forward towards long-term solutions."

Marin County Supervisor Stephanie Moulton-Peters
Marin County Supervisor Katie Rice
Marin County Supervisor Judy Arnold
Marin County Supervisor-Elect Mary Sackett

"Eli shows up, listens, and is a great communicator. He does not shy away from difficult issues, but rather jumps in with both feet and leads with transparency and integrity."

Marin County Supervisor-Elect Eric Lucan

"I am proud to endorse Eli Beckman, a proven leader in Corte Madera and a trusted and collaborative partner on regional issues. He has a strong record of fostering key relationships to best serve his community."

Dr. Bob Bundy, Corte Madera Flood Control Board
Amy Rouas, Corte Madera Climate Action Committee
Sloan Bailey, Former Corte Madera Mayor
Pati Stoliar, Age Friendly Corte Madera
Omar Carrera, Nonprofit Executive
Mimi Willard, Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers
Latinas In Power

Please note that titles and affiliations above are shown for identification purposes only.

Bill Kimball
John & Renee Lister
Sanford Redlich
Dan Durkin
Craig Hartman
Mary O'Malley
David Macpherson
Rajan Eapen
Vicki Vann
Jill Hoffman
Mimi Willard
Skip Fedanzo
Leslie Alden
Ann Thomas
Nick & Sandy Javaras
Carl Krawitt
Jan O'Brien
Joannie Vaughan
Doug Kelly
Dave Ewart
Stephanie Hellman
Max Perrey
Phyllis Galanis
Erika Rosales-Shelfo
Mark Goldrosen
Glenda Corning
Jan O'Brien
Dave & Karen Johnson
Cheryl Longinotti
Adriana & Jeff Rabkin
Eric Liberman
Susan Parker
Gabe Paulson
Eli Hill
Urban Carmel
James Rizzo
...and many more!

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