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Re-Election: I'm Ready to Continue My Service!

Friends, family, and neighbors: I couldn't be more excited to announce my campaign for re-election to the Corte Madera Town Council this fall!

Over the last 4 years, we've accomplished so much together. We overcame a global pandemic, positioned Corte Madera as a leader on climate change, ushered in a new era of fiscal resilience and responsible governance, and made major strides on transparency and communication.

Of course, there's more to do. I'm running for re-election to continue our momentum and build on that progress.

The coming years will be full of complex and dynamic challenges, and I plan to leverage the experience and relationships built over the last 4+ years to keep moving the ball forward on the issues that matter to our community:

-Protecting our town from flooding and wildfire -Reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our environment -Navigating tough state mandates on housing -Advancing equity for all residents -Ensuring reliable supplies of clean energy and water

Your support, and the partnership we've built between the community and local government, will be critical to our success.

As a lifelong resident of Corte Madera, I am ready to continue my service to the community we love, and I would be honored to earn your vote this fall!


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