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Eli Beckman for Corte Madera Town Council

Eli Beckman

Corte Madera Mayor

Corte Madera born and raised.

Together, we've made incredible progress on climate change, fiscal resilience, and transparent government—but there's more to do.
Eli Beckman for Corte Madera Town Council

My name is Eli Beckman, and I'm a lifelong resident of Corte Madera and local small business owner. Since 2018, it's been the honor and privilege of my life to serve on the Town Council of my hometown.


Living in Corte Madera has given me a great appreciation for all the things that make our town so special: tranquility, community, and a strong respect for nature. I'm deeply grateful for the life Corte Madera has given me, and public service has been my way of giving back.


We've worked hard through challenging circumstances to put Corte Madera in arguably the strongest position of any city in Marin. We maintained a balanced budget all throughout COVID, while enhancing municipal services for residents; made important headway on addressing Corte Madera's flood and wildfire hazards; put the Town on track to fully fund our pension debts; and upgraded miles of road and sewer infrastructure. (Check out my voting record below for info on all this and more!)

Corte Madera is on solid footing, thanks to the hard work of our community, staff, and Town Council. Now that you've honored me with a second term, I'm ready to continue working on the challenges ahead.

Protecting our community from the effects of climate change remains my top priority, especially on issues of flood protection and fire prevention. We'll need to navigate tough new state mandates on housing in a way that meets our community's housing needs while enhancing our quality of life. And we must continue our work to strengthen Corte Madera's financial standing, and advance equity for all our residents.


My sincerest thanks goes out to Corte Madera voters for their trust. I look forward to working every day on your behalf, and I'm always available if there's anything you want to discuss.

Your friend and neighbor,


My voting record.

Transparency is critical to maintaining your trust, which is why I want you to know how I vote and why on every important issue.

Priorities & Values.

Like many communities, we face a range of challenges in the years ahead. Here's how I'll continue translating our shared values into solutions.

Climate change remains the only existential threat our community faces, and over the last 4 years, we've adopted plans to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our homes; created a Climate Action Committee; and dedicated staff to the issue for the first time in history.

I will continue to prioritize protecting our homes from flood and fire, while working to slash our carbon emissions.


Whether you're a renter or homeowner, business owner or wage worker, new to town or a longtime resident, I will continue working to make sure that our Town's public services benefit all residents equally. There should be no barriers to full enjoyment of all our community has to offer, regardless of your culture, background, income, or anything else about you—that's part of Corte Madera's warm and welcoming nature.


Barely a decade ago, Corte Madera was nearly bankrupt. Through hard work, we've ushered in a new era of balanced budgets, funded our emergency reserves, and solved our pension crisis.

But that progress can be easily lost, and the task of the coming years will be to build on those gains through astute fiscal management, locking in long-term financial stability for the Town.


The housing crisis is among the most dynamic and challenging issues we face. I pledge to work to meet our community's housing needs, while enhancing Corte Madera's small-town charm.


That means being strategic about where we place new housing, meeting our legal obligations while holding the state accountable when their mandates exacerbate existing problems.


Let's not dance around it—we're in a new era, with new state mandates on issues that towns like ours used to decide for themselves.

With my relationships at the state and county level, I'm at the table on these issues, working with lawmakers to ensure Corte Madera's voice is heard, and our community's needs respected.


Representing our community at agencies like MCE Clean Energy and Central Marin Sanitation, I've worked hard to deliver practical solutions on affordable, clean power and reliable sources of water.

I promise to continue working to expand the availability and reliability of renewable energy for our community, while looking for new opportunities to reduce water waste and diversify water sources.

Of course, these are only a few of the many issues that matter to our community. Want to discuss your top issues? Please reach out!

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