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Eli Beckman for Corte Madera Town Council

Eli Beckman

Corte Madera Councilman

Corte Madera born and raised.

I've been lucky to call Corte Madera home my whole life. Now I'm working to give back to the community that has given so much to me.
Eli Beckman for Corte Madera Town Council

My name is Eli Beckman, and I'm a lifelong resident of Corte Madera and local small business owner. Now, it's the honor and privilege of my life to serve on the Town Council of my hometown.

It's been my great fortune to grow up in our wonderful town, a town that's helped me build a fulfilling life as part of our unique and vibrant community.


Living in Corte Madera has given me a great appreciation for all the things that make our town so special: tranquility, community, and a strong respect for nature. I'm deeply grateful for the life Corte Madera has given me, and now it's my turn to give back.


That drive to give back has led me to help our town prevent flooding as a member of the Flood Control Board, to raise money for charity as a member of the Corte Madera Lions Club, and to enhance our collective safety as an Incident Commander in my Neighborhood Response Group. These are rewarding experiences I look forward to continuing—but I want to do more. That's why I ran for Town Council.

As a councilmember, I'm focused on investing in our town's future. My top priorities are addressing climate change, preparing for the economic and fiscal impacts of the online retail era, and renewing our commitment to responsible governance, as well as managing the immense pressure put on Corte Madera by the influx of people to the Bay Area.


My sincerest thanks goes out to Corte Madera voters for their trust. I'll do everything I can to serve all Corte Maderans well, and I hope you'll stay in close touch, working with me towards these goals. I can't do it without you.



My voting record.

Transparency is critical to maintaining your trust, which is why I want you to know how I vote and why on every important issue.

Values matter.

As a member of the Town Council, I'm working every day to translate our values into action on the issues that matter to our community.

Trust in our elected officials is one of the cornerstones of democracy. I believe it's critical that public servants enable that trust by being transparent and honest with consitutuents.


On the Town Council, it's critical to me that all decisions and actions are thoroughly made public, so that you can have peace of mind—because the public should always know exactly what's going on.


In all aspects of government, responsibility is paramount. This means making wise and well-considered choices with public money, and pursuing stability and equity for all Corte Maderans.

As a member of the Town Council, I promise to treat taxpayers' money even more carefully than I would my own, and to make every decision with compassion and empathy.


Self-government is not a trite cliche—it's the principle that makes our society function.

I believe our local government must be open and accessible to all members of our community, with ample opportunity for citizens to ask questions, voice their opinions, and air any concerns. I'll never forget who the Town Council works for: the residents of Corte Madera.

also human decency and common sense—but those should go without saying.

Messages from Eli

As I hold the honor of serving on the Corte Madera
Town Council, here's where I collect my thoughts.

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