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Make Climate Action Committee Permanent - YES

More than a year ago, Corte Madera took a big step forward on fighting climate change, the only existential threat our community faces: we created a Climate Action Committee, tasked with implementing our town's Climate Action Plan and reducing the community's carbon footprint.

As a temporary committee created after the annual workplan and budgeting processes had already concluded, the committee was under-resourced from the beginning, with no budget and no dedicated staffing. Despite this, what they accomplished over the last year has been incredible: an update to our Climate Action Plan, a Climate Emergency Resolution, a 210% increase in residents' enrollment in zero-carbon energy (through MCE's Deep Green program), and a wildly successful car show promoting electric vehicles.

That's why I was thrilled to join a 5-0 vote of the Town Council making the Climate Action Committee permanent, as well as providing it with dedicated staffing in order to help them achieve even more. This is a key investment in making sure Corte Madera does our part in forestalling the worst effects of climate change, which is already threatening our community and property.

Next, we will open an application process for any residents who are interested in serving on the permanent committee. If you're interested, please email to request an application!

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