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Create Citizens' Task Force for Project Homekey - YES

Project Homekey has been one of the most challenging issues to arise in my two years on the Town Council, and has inflamed parts of our community like I've never seen. For those who aren't aware, the County has received a state grant to purchase a former hotel in Corte Madera and convert that into 18 units of permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless individuals and families (services will be provided by local nonprofits, and the units will be filled with known individuals from the Marin homeless community).

Residents have come forward with a number of important questions, including who will be housed at the property, how are they chosen, and what rules will govern the property to keep residents and neighbors safe. But more than anything else, the greatest frustration has been that, because this is a County project, the Town of Corte Madera has no say in the matter.

Our staff came up with a smart, elegant solution that I was proud to support: we would create a working group of concerned residents who live near the proposed project, and empower them with the ability to define Corte Madera's metrics of success for the project, as well as interact regularly with top County and Town officials to make sure the project met the community's vision and needs. By doing this, we were able to shape the development of the project in a way addressed residents' concerns, ultimately turning Project Homekey from a matter of concern into a community success we could all celebrate.

I am very grateful to all the residents who participated in the public process around Project Homekey, and especially to those who volunteered to serve on the task force. Thank you!


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