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Approve Solar & Energy Storage at Town Facilities -YES

I voted to approve a $287,747 contract with Sonomarin Solar for the design and installation of rooftop solar generation and battery backup systems for Corte Madera's community center and corporation yard (the public works depot), two critical public facilities that must be able to continue serving the public even in the event of a blackout.

This project meets two important Town goals: it reduces Corte Madera's carbon footprint, and increases our resiliency and ability to continue operating in the face of disaster. This would also be a game-changer in our use of the Community Center as a charging station for residents during power outages, allowing us to operate for longer and without the use of expensive and polluting generators.

The best part: the cost to Corte Madera taxpayers is $0, as this project will be entirely funded by a state grant.

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