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Hire New Town Position: Senior Accountant - YES

In many ways, I feel the story of Corte Madera over the last decade or so has been one of a sometimes parochial backwood becoming a "normal," well-run town—and I think this vote was a shining example of that.

As recently as 2018 (the year I was elected), our Town's finance department did everything on paper, eschewing the use of computers. It was indicative of vestigial systems in our finance department leftover from a bygone era, and in dire need of updating. We took the big leap and went to computers, and now we are finishing up the work of streamlining the department's personnel structure as well.

The creation of this mid-management position adds to the finance department's functionality by providing clearer hierarchy, including a clear leader when the Finance Director is away or unavailable. Because this change comes with the expected retirement of current personnel and the closing of that position, it is expected to be cost-neutral to taxpayers, while improving the efficiency of Town operations.


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