Promote Town Clerk to Assistant Town Manager - YES

There aren't really words to describe what a fantastic job our Town Clerk (and, previously, Assistant to the Town Manager) does for the Town of Corte Madera. Rebecca Vaughn is an eminently diligent, proactive, and dedicated public servant, and an indispensable member of our Town staff (a fellow Councilmember in a neighboring city described her as an "organizational genius"). That is why it was my absolute pleasure to vote yes on promoting her to Town Clerk and Assistant Town Manager, a title that recognizes the many broad duties she has already been fulfilling at Town Hall. The new role includes a well-deserved 10% pay increase. This vote is consistent with my firm belief that in order for t

Update Noise Ordinance - YES

I voted to update Corte Madera's outdated Noise Ordinance—the law governing excessive or offensive noise—in order to make it more enforceable. Whereas the previous version of the ordinance was somewhat vague in its definition of violations and therefore difficult to enforce consistently and fairly, the new Noise Ordinance is specific and prescriptive in explaining what constitutes a violation and how noise is to be measured consistently. In my view, there were two main policy changes beyond making the ordinance more enforceable. The first was the banning of gas-powered leaf blowers, effective in March of 2020. This policy benefits residents in two ways: by reducing a particularly prevalent a

Award $40,000 Contract for Interim Parks & Rec Director - YES

On October 15th, Corte Madera's long-serving Director of Leisure Services (more commonly known as Parks and Recreation) left the Town. Seeing an opportunity to overhaul one of the departments with the most immediate impact on residents' daily lives, we elected to award a $40,000 contract to David Wilkinson to serve as interim director, while beginning the process of recruiting a top-tier professional to lead the next chapter of our Parks and Recreation Department. David Wilkinson is considered an expert, with deep knowledge of and experience in the Parks and Recreation Departments of both Corte Madera and Larkspur. He is a Marin native who previously worked for the Town of Corte Madera from

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