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Create Underground Utilities District at Lower Redwood Ave. - YES

I voted yes to creating a new Undergrounding Utilities District, the first of its kind in Corte Madera, at the base of Christmas Tree Hill.

While this exciting initial step costs nothing, it is the result of much advocacy by hillside residents and diligent work by Town staff, who identified a potential opportunity to work with PG&E (including receiving some PG&E funding) to underground power lines and communication infrastructure at a critical choke point in one of Corte Madera's most important evacuation routes. Critically, doing so could prevent a downed power line from hindering the evacuation of hundreds of residents in the event of an emergency.

This work proceeds parallel and in addition to a comprehensive feasibility study on wider undergrounding, which is currently underway and will ultimately help us understand the costs and benefits of utility undergrounding in Corte Madera.


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