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Retrofit Streetlights to LED - YES

This one was a clear win for Corte Madera. Our network of streetlights are old and outdated; they gobble up energy on the taxpayers' dime, cast an ugly orange glow, and throw too much of their light in places where it shouldn't be directed (like at residents' windows or up into the night sky) and not enough down onto our streets and sidewalks where it's needed.

That's why I voted yes on a $300,000 project to address all these issues by retrofitting our existing street lights to LEDs. Thanks to advanced LED technology, our new lights will use 40% less energy (meaning they cost taxpayers 40% less to operate and created 40% less carbon emissions from energy production), while making sure our streets and sidewalks are adequately lit. We heard residents' questions about brightness and color temperature, and I'm glad to say that in addition to being an appropriately warm hue, the installation of the new lights will be preceded by a town-wide audit and survey to make sure homes are shielded from excess light, and the night sky is protected from light pollution.

Because LED lights are so much more efficient and require less maintenance, this project is projected to pay for itself in less than 4 years—an incredible payback time, and a huge win for residents!


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