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Reform Sanitary District Enforcement Procedures - YES

To me, one of the most gratifying things about being in local government is updating, modernizing, and streamlining our often byzantine regulations and protocols, and this is a classic example of that.

I had no idea (fortunately, I guess it hadn't come up as a problem) that until last night, the Town's Sanitary District had only a few—and very draconian—tools for responding to homeowners or contractors who violate the Sanitary District's terms of use or damage sewer infrastructure, including putting a lien on their property or disconnecting them from the entire system.

I was glad to vote yes on Town staff's proposal to revise the Sanitary District code with a new enforcement and resolution process that provides new opportunities for residents or contractors to work with staff to resolve issues or violations quickly and amicably, without immediate escalation to more severe measures (those measures will still remain in the toolbox in case a dispute can't be resolved and a violator's conduct puts other taxpayers at risk).


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