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Approve Sanitary District FY22-23 Budget - YES

In parallel with the Town's budget process and approval, I also voted to approve a strong and balanced budget for Sanitary District 2, the separate agency (although closely related to the Town, and also overseen by the Town Council) that is in charge of providing and maintaining Corte Madera's sewer infrastructure.

The fiscal year 2022-2023 budget we approved sets out $11.4 million in expenditures for sewer system operations, maintenance, and infrastructure projects. This budget is slightly less than the district's revenue (which comes entirely from existing sources, namely property tax and sewer use fees), but includes maintaining our full sanitary district emergency reserve fund, as required by Council policy. Major projects funded by this budget include sewer upgrades and repairs in the areas of Redwood Highway, Meadowsweet/Casa Buena, and lower Christmas Tree Hill.


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