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Adopt Climate Action Work Plan - YES

The existential threat of climate change requires our community to adapt and act to preserve our town and the world.

I am proud to have voted yes on Corte Madera’s 2023-2024 Climate Action Work Plan, which consists of innovative strategies and concrete implementation plans. I am committed to strengthening our efforts to combat climate change here in Corte Madera and beyond.

Priority #1 will be to revise our building codes, in order to make Corte Madera's homes and commercial buildings more energy-efficient and EV-ready.

Priority #2 focuses on developing a town-wide EV policy that works to improve EV charging infrastructure in public spaces like shopping malls, in order to increase EV adoption and charging availability.

Priority #3 focuses on online and in-person climate outreach, to support strategies such as solar and energy efficiency, bicycle and pedestrian transportation, zero waste, water conservation, and many other strategies that will strengthen Corte Madera’s infrastructure and resilience..

I am looking forward to working with the community to adopt all of these strategies and am confident in the benefits they’ll bring to our community.


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