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Disband Defunct Marin Telecommunications Agency - YES

The Marin Telecommunications Agency (MTA) is a countywide agency that was formed in 1997 with the intent to negotiate local telecommunications franchise rates. However, subsequent changes to state and federal law took this power away from local jurisdictions, leaving MTA with little role to play other than administration. Nevertheless, the MTA still has executive officers and staff on the County payroll.

By voting to disband this defunct agency and rolling its few administrative tasks into the Marin General Services Administration, we are doing our part to streamline local and county government and make more efficient and effective use of tax dollars. This move should bring about $100,000 savings to Corte Madera taxpayers annually, and comes at a fantastic time—with the MTA's longtime director retiring, we are disbanding the agency before a new director can be appointed and begin to accrue pension benefits at a redundant agency.

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