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Promote Town Clerk to Assistant Town Manager - YES

There aren't really words to describe what a fantastic job our Town Clerk (and, previously, Assistant to the Town Manager) does for the Town of Corte Madera. Rebecca Vaughn is an eminently diligent, proactive, and dedicated public servant, and an indispensable member of our Town staff (a fellow Councilmember in a neighboring city described her as an "organizational genius").

That is why it was my absolute pleasure to vote yes on promoting her to Town Clerk and Assistant Town Manager, a title that recognizes the many broad duties she has already been fulfilling at Town Hall. The new role includes a well-deserved 10% pay increase.

This vote is consistent with my firm belief that in order for the people of Corte Madera to get the service they desire and deserve, Corte Madera must be a good place to work, so that we can attract and retain the best talent at Town Hall. Recognizing exceptional performance through raises and promotions when appropriate is a key part of fulfilling that goal.

My sincerest congratulations to Rebecca, and I thank her for her outstanding service to the Town.

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