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Require Town Code Enforcement Officers to Wear Body Cameras - YES

This was a common-sense reform that will protect both our residents and our Town staff. Central Marin Police officers are already required to wear body cams, to provide an objective account of each interaction with the public. I voted to extend this smart policy to cover the Town's code enforcement officers as well, who interact with residents to educate them about—or, when that doesn't work, issue citations for—violations of local ordinances.

Not having body cams on our code enforcement officers can and has led to sticky situations where residents and Town staff have differing recollections of whether a given interaction was professional or not, and if not, who is in the wrong. Absent any recording, it often becomes a stalemate, with one person's word against another's.

Requiring body cams that record code enforcement interactions with the public provides residents with accountability to ensure fair treatment by code enforcement staff, and protects our code enforcement staff against false accusations of unprofessional conduct or errors in judgement regarding the law from the public. The way I see it, that's a win-win.


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