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Pursue Priority Housing Site Status for Two Properties in Town - YES

The Priority Sites Program, launched by the regional planning agency (ABAG/MTC) in 2023, identifies local areas for affordable housing and offers assistance and funding for projects on those sites. These priority sites can offer substantial new housing opportunities for people across all income levels.

Priority sites must be nominated for consideration based on their size, where they are located in regards to the public transit and community facilities, and who owns the land. The two possible housing opportunity sites the Town has identified are the site of the current Macy’s store, and a group of commercial properties around Fifer and Nellen Avenues.

I directed staff to collaborate with the two properties’ owners in pursuing Priority Housing Site status for those properties. Since these sites are already included in the Town's recently adopted 8-year housing plan, achieving Priority Housing Site status wouldn't change the nature of their potential future development—it would just allow any developer who was committed to including affordable housing access to more resources.


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