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Make Madera Gardens Parking Permit Program Permanent - YES

About two years ago, Redwood High School changed its parking policy, so that students who parked on-campus were no longer allowed to drive off-campus for lunch. The result was predictable: many students began parking in the neighborhoods immediately off-campus, including Madera Gardens, driving through these quiet residential areas like... well, high school students.

Residents were understandably ticked off, and asked the Town to implement a parking permit program in the affected areas. While I had hoped we could do residents one better and simply work with Redwood to make common-sense changes to their parking policies that would undo the negative impact on the school's neighbors, the school administration was unwilling to even begin a discussion, and I voted to implement a temporary parking permit program as residents had requested.

Residents in the area have received the program well, and at their request, I voted to make the temporary pilot program permanent. While I am glad the program has solved the issue of high school students taking up all the parking and driving unsafely on our streets, I remain committed to finding a different solution that doesn't require residents to deal with the hassle of parking permits, which to me don't fit with the joyful simplicity of life in Corte Madera.

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