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Extend Interim Regulations on Lot Splits - YES

As I wrote about after our original vote on this issue on January 18th, there's a new state law in effect (SB9) that allows the owners of most single-family residential lots to split their lot in two, and build additional new units on each lot. Unfortunately, the details of the law are unclear, to the extent that it's not even clear exactly how many new units can be built, or what regulations these units must follow.

In response, on January 18th, we adopted an urgency ordinance that created interim regulations to guide homeowners and planning staff in these developments. The idea was that we'd keep those interim regulations on the books until new state law or guidance from the courts clarified how exactly SB9 applied to such developments. However, since there hasn't yet been any such clarification from the state, I voted to extend our interim regulations for an additional year.


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