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Create Two Parks & Recreation Facility Attendant Positions - YES

Before COVID, our Parks & Recreation department had a number of part-time staff whose jobs, in addition to many other duties, included serving as facility attendants. They played an important role in helping residents enjoy our public amenities, but with staffing attrition caused by COVID, we lost that critical function (picture, for example, asking older or disabled residents wanting to use the Community Center to set out the heavy tables and chairs themselves, or expecting your average resident to know how to use the overhead projector in the main hall).

By creating job classifications for both full-time and part-time/seasonal facility attendants (these positions, although created tonight, would only be filled as needed), I voted to restore the same staffing capabilities we had before the pandemic, but under a more streamlined organizational structure (thanks to 'facility attendant' now being a dedicated role, rather than a set of duties shared by a number of staff also trying to serve in other functions).

If filled, the cost for these two roles is estimated at:

Facility Attendant I (part-time): $16-22 per hour

Facility Attendant II (full time): $76,236 (inclusive of salary and all benefits)


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