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Create In-House Public Works Inspector Position - YES

This is another step forward in our recent work of shifting from the costly and unreliable model of relying on expensive third-party consultants to provide critical Town services, to offering those services instead through an in-house employee.

In parallel to our recent move to bring building inspections in-house, I voted to do the same with Public Works inspections. Public Works inspections play a critical but little-seen role in allowing us to maintain and improve the Town's infrastructure, including coordinating work on sewer lines, roadwork, and flood control.

For a maximum cost of $120,000 per year—less than we currently spend on third party contractors to perform this same work—we have the opportunity to bring this role in-house and promote from within the Public Works department's existing staff to fill it. In addition to the savings of taxpayer money, this means that we will be replacing outside consultants with little connection to or knowledge of the Town with our own staff who already know Corte Madera's infrastructure and community well, further increasing the level of service for residents.


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