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Contribute $41,500 to County Efforts on Housing the Homeless - YES

Homelessness is a key issue in Marin, where the local homeless population tends to transit between local communities, historically without the support they need get or stay housed. This is a social failure toward our homeless residents that also has negative quality of life impacts for the rest of the community.

But in recent years, Marin has made unique progress in addressing the issue. From 2017 to 2019, when many other California counties saw an increase in chronic homelessness, Marin County saw a 28% drop. This was thanks to the County's partnership with local municipalities, focused on a housing-first approach to providing the homeless with housing and supportive services.

We are seeing real results in our communities, and this is no time to abandon that progress. That's why I voted to contribute $41,500 to these efforts, a share requested by the County based on Corte Madera's population relative to the rest of the County. Frankly, it's a great deal; a relatively painless contribution toward a project that is already yielding great benefits for our residents.


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