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Bid and Award Contract for 2022 Roadwork Project for ≤$2.1M - YES

Every year, once the rainy season ends, the Town embarks on its annual roadwork project to repair and repave the Town's most dilapidated roadways—a key part of our routine infrastructure maintenance.

The location of that work rotates around Town based on need, and to ensure that no parts of our community are neglected. This years's work will be located primarily in the Madera Del Presidio, Marin Estates/Granada, and Mariner Cove neighborhoods. In addition to road resurfacing to address issues like bumps, potholes, and cracking, the project will include accessibility improvements to sidewalks, curbs, and intersections, as well as some drainage improvements to address areas where water tends to pond after rain.

The project will be competitively bid out to multiple contractors and awarded to the lowest qualified bidder, but with a not to exceed price of $2.1 million. Funding will come from a number of different tax sources, primarily sales and gas taxes.


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