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Bid and Award <$2.1M Contract for 2023 Roadwork Project - YES

Every year, Corte Madera packages together the Town's most direly needed roadwork projects and bids them together as a package deal, to save taxpayer money. Tonight, I voted to rebid a project that we had previously bid out in 2022, only for all bids to come back over budget. Rather than pay more than we though the project was worth, we waited for market conditions to level out, while making small strategic changes to the project.

The result is this 2023 Roadwork Project, with a not-to-exceed cost of $2.1 million, which will see repaving in both east and west Corte Madera, including in the Chapman Park, Vista del Bahia, and Mariner Cove neighborhoods.

This vote came with an additional win: unanimous direction to staff to phase out black asphalt in favor of grey asphalt. The lighter color of this new asphalt will reduce the ambient temperature at street level on Corte Madera's hottest days (which are becoming more and more common), because lighter-colored asphalt absorbs less heat than darker-colored asphalt, meaning it also radiates less heat back out at pedestrians and bicyclists walking down the street, and spares the paws of our pups.


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