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Award $860,000 for Redwood Highway Path Project - YES

I remember riding my bike to Neil Cummins as an elementary school student, more than 20 years ago. As a rode down the Redwood Highway Path, the pavement was so bumpy from the tree roots underneath that I felt like my bones were being rattled—and believe it or not, in the following 20 years, the situation didn't get any better.

I was excited to vote yes on this long-overdue project to revitalize one of Corte Madera's most important and well-used public paths, which had degraded to the point of being almost laughably bumpy (and not funny at all if you're someone who doesn't feel safe walking or riding on a bumpy surface!)

This project will remove the old trees that have destroyed the pavement, repave the path, and then replant the landscape with new trees that are less likely to damage the asphalt with their root systems—a welcome relief!


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