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Award $537,000 Contract for Storm Drainage Master Plan - YES

Storm drainage is not a particularly sexy topic, but for Corte Madera—where flooding has been a perennial issue throughout the Town's history—this is actually an incredibly exciting and important project.

Our last Storm Drainage Master Plan was completed in 2008, and needs to be redone to re-assess the current state of our extensive drainage infrastructure (a critical component in fighting flooding). This new master plan, which should last us at least another decade (some elements will last several decades) will provide us with a comprehensive picture of where our storm drainage infrastructure is serving us well, and where it needs to be repaired or redesigned.

The consultant team helping us (led by Schaaf & Wheeler, selected through a competitive bidding process) has successfully completed similar work at a high level of quality for several of our neighboring cities, meaning they come to this project already familiar with the area and its particular local climate and topography (both key to understanding and controlling local flooding).

This project may seem like a mundane public works study, but in reality it is a critical piece of our robust efforts at climate adaptation, and will be a key tool in protecting local homes, businesses, in infrastructure from flooding in the decades ahead.


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