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Approve Proposed Mural on Wornum Drive Underpass - YES

I'm always a supporter of public art, so I was thrilled when local artist Rachel Hebert approached the Town with a proposal to grace the unsightly underpass at Wornum Drive with a beautiful piece of her original art.

This project will be an enormous improvement to a critical corridor currently used by hundreds of bikers and pedestrians every day, including children on their way to and from school. The art will feature a whale, along with many different kinds of waterfowl found in Corte Madera's marshes, at life-size. In this way, it will help educate passing children about Corte Madera's incredible biodiversity (whales notwithstanding), and the importance of protecting coastal habitats.

What's more, Rachel plans to crowd-source funding for this project, meaning the Corte Madera community will not be on the hook for its funding or maintenance—but I strongly encourage anyone who is able to join me in donating toward this worthy cause of local beautification!

I am so grateful to Rachel for taking the initiative on this project, and look forward to seeing her work once completed!


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