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Appoint Temporary Building Official and Open Recruitment for that Position - YES

Turnover is an unfortunate part of life at any business or agency, and last month, our Building Official left Corte Madera for another opportunity. To ensure that we can still serve our residents fully while we recruit a replacement, I voted to contract with Thomas Ahrens to serve as our Interim Building Official until a new permanent candidate is hired.

Mr. Ahrens has previously served in this same role for us during a different vacancy, so he will be entering the role already having familiarity with our community and our Building Department. He will be working part-time at $145/hr for an estimated 6 months, which works out to an estimated contract cost of approximately $75,000. I am confident he will continue to serve us as well as he did in the past, and will support staff in finding a qualified candidate to take on the role permanently as soon as possible!


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