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Adopt 2023-2031 Housing Plan - YES

Summer of 2021 marked the start of a two-year public process to update the Town’s housing plan, to accommodate more than 700 units of new housing over the next 8 years, as required by state law.

The purpose of this housing plan is to ensure we’re able to meet housing needs across all income levels, but it’s important to note one critical detail: while we are required to plan for these new units and make sure there are no land use restrictions that would prevent them from being built, any actual construction will be done by developers, not the Town. This means the question of whether development actually occurs will be largely up to market forces.

In consultation with residents and the town’s Planning Commission, we developed a strategy of concentrating new housing along the Highway 101 corridor, where it will have ample access to public transit, reducing the impact on traffic in town. I am proud to have voted yes on this plan, which I believe will help address our critical housing shortage—especially affordable housing—and foster compliance with civil rights and fair housing laws.

Read our 8 year housing plan here.


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