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Proclaim Coronavirus Emergency - YES

I voted in favor or issuing a Proclamation of Local Emergency with regard to the global COVID-19 pandemic that is currently upending our society and threatening economic catastrophe.

In addition to the severe impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the everyday lives of our residents and on our local businesses, the pandemic is also having a severe impact on Town operations and revenues. Among Marin cities, Corte Madera is uniquely reliant on sales tax revenues, and with our major shopping centers closed during the outbreak, tax revenues have taken a severe hit. At the same time, in addition to continuing to provide essential services to our residents, we are also scrambling to help residents cope with the crisis. On top of all this, the predicted recession that will be caused by this outbreak is forecast to be the worst economic downturn in Corte Madera history.

Declaring a state of emergency recognizes the gravity of the situation, but importantly, it also helps protect our residents by allowing the Town to be reimbursed by the state and federal governments for its pandemic response efforts.

In that way, declaring a state of emergency is a tactical legal maneuver that will allow our Town to receive federal assistance, and does not mean our residents are in any more danger than residents of surrounding communities.

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