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Send PSPS Letter to State - YES

Last fall's "public safety power shutoff" (PSPS) events caused considerable hardship to our community. While it is outrageous that PG&E is allowed to subject ratepayers to outages simply because they made a decades long practice of prioritizing corporate bonuses and dividends over basic equipment maintenance and public safety, the state has allowed PG&E's egregious PSPS program to continue.

In this case, small towns like Corte Madera are frustratingly powerless to seek justice for our residents before the state, but we are still taking every opportunity to engage with state regulators and PG&E, in order to at least minimize the burden of future PSPS events on our residents.

I voted to have our Director of Public Works, RJ Suokko, submit a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission explaining how future PSPS events should be tailored to reduce their negative impact on our community.

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