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Award $250,000 Contract for Development of Climate Adaptation Plan - YES

I made it clear in my campaign for Town Council that I was laser-focused on the only existential threat Corte Madera faces: climate change. I'm incredibly proud to say that our Town has now taken its first major step to date towards preparing for that threat by developing a Climate Adaptation Plan.

I voted to award a $250,000 contract for developing this plan to Adaptation International, a consultancy renowned for their work helping cities and towns prepare for the challenges climate change will bring.

This vote was a huge win for Corte Madera for a number of reasons. Because of our unique exposure to both flooding and wildfire, responding to climate change will be where Corte Madera spends the bulk of its money and effort over the coming decades. The Climate Adaptation Plan will be something of a blueprint in this undertaking, guiding our work based on a carefully vetted list of capital improvement projects to protect the lives and property of our community.

Furthermore, while the contract amount is $250,000, Corte Madera only has to pay $50,000; the other $200,000 is being provided by a state grant. That means we are developing perhaps the second most important document in Corte Madera's history (after our Municipal Code) at 80% off the sticker price!

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