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Award $319,000 Contract for Design of Town Hall Addition - YES

Corte Madera has outgrown its Town Hall.

For years, our public works department had been housed not in Town Hall, but in the nearby fire station. Now, with the recent consolidation of the Corte Madera and Larkspur fire departments into the Central Marin Fire Department, the fire department needs that space back, leaving Public Works with nowhere to go.

Public Works is currently housed in a double-wide trailer in the Town Hall parking lot, but this is not a permanent solution. It's time to expand Town Hall, which is woefully outdated and provides inadequate and substandard working space for staff.

To that end, I voted to award a contract for $318,636 to local firm Ron Kappe Architects for design services that will launch and inform a public process to develop our new Town Hall addition.

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