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Why I'm Running for Town Council

This is an exciting moment for Corte Madera. After a difficult recession, we’re finally on stable enough footing to invest in our own future, and prepare ourselves for a prosperous and secure tomorrow.

But it’s also a crucial moment, as our town faces two looming challenges. Climate change threatens our low-lying neighborhoods with increasingly severe flooding, and our hillsides with greater fire risk. At the same time, the shift of retail online is beginning to put pressure on local businesses and pinch the sales tax revenue on which our town relies—a trend that will only accelerate.

I’m running for Town Council because I want to help our town seize this moment of opportunity to the fullest, while preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.

I believe a secure and prosperous future for Corte Madera starts with three things.

First, let’s renew our commitment to the principles of responsible governance. Our town has made great strides in recent years to increase the transparency and accessibility of civic affairs, while preparing for the next downturn—but there’s always more work to be done. Let’s continue that progress by embracing technology to make public services and information more efficient and accessible, and by building up our reserve fund to a safe level.

Second, let’s grow an even more robust and durable local economy by investing in local businesses. As online shopping continues to supplant brick and mortar retail, it’s up to us to support local enterprises as they experiment with new business models that may prove more competitive in the online retail era. At the same time, the Town must work with the community to prepare a contingency plan, in case our sales tax revenue should dry up.

Finally, we must move aggressively forestall the worst effects climate change will bring. We in Corte Madera value the natural beauty of our home, but we’re under no illusions about the challenges climate change will present; it is time now to continue investing in shorter-term protection, while diligently undertaking the long-term planning that will be necessary to create a more sustainable community and adapt to rising sea levels. I decided to serve on our town’s Flood Control Board precisely because I recognize this imperative, and I look forward to continuing that critical work on the Town Council.

Of course, these aren’t the only issues facing our town; we must also address our growing challenges with transportation and housing, and examine how to make our community more equitable and inclusive—all while preserving the small-town charm that we cherish.

I have full confidence in our ability to make progress in all these areas and more through careful planning, strategic partnerships, and the unmatched civic spirit of this community.

As a young professional, I believe I represent the next generation of our community, and I’m confident that my energy and work ethic will be an asset on the Town Council. I pride myself on being a comprehensive candidate dedicated to looking at all the issues that form the bigger picture of our town, and I look forward to both innovating new solutions and continuing to learn from the community and our shared history.

I see government as similar to my profession of architecture: both are exercises in problem solving, and both require an ability to parse complex systems and make them work better. This is exactly what I hope to do for the people of Corte Madera on the Town Council.

Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s reality, and I believe the job of the Town Council is to take the course of action that sets our town up for the best possible tomorrow. I want to be a part of this town’s leadership so I can help us make wise decisions that will benefit our community for years to come—but I can’t do it alone; that’s why I respectfully ask for your vote.

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