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Support New 101-Tamalpais Overpass with Bike/Ped Path - YES

With rather short notice, CalTrans has announced that they will be renovating the Highway 101 overpass at Tamalpais Drive. This is a generational project for our community, and arguably the most important single piece of transportation infrastructure in Town. It's critical to our lived experience as residents, with many of us using the overpass multiple times a day, and is a symbol of Corte Madera to the millions of drivers that pass over and beneath it every month.

The project is scheduled to start construction in 2025, but the process has already begun, and the Council was given an opportunity to weigh in on behalf of the community. CalTrans prepared 6 options, ranging from a simple accessibility and seismic upgrade—maintaining many of the current structure's flaws, which make it feel unsafe for many to use—to a much more thoughtful redesign that includes a new bike and pedestrian path, providing a safer and more pleasant experience for all.

After engaging the public through multiple public workshops and hearings to gather the community's feedback, it became clear that the consensus choice among our town was for the most thoughtful option. While the ultimate decision on which alternative they will build is up to CalTrans, I felt it was important to put a foot down for our community, and cast this vote to make sure CalTrans understands that our community wants to see a new overpass that truly connects east and west Corte Madera, rather than a band-aid solution that keeps our community divided by the highway.

Over the coming months, I will be working hard with stakeholders at the local, county, and state level to ensure that our community's voice is heard as CalTrans finalizes the project's design and funding; this opportunity is simply too important to miss.


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