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Lease Temporary Office Space During Town Hall Remodel - YES

I voted to enter into a lease agreement for office space at 240 Tamal Vista (Hunt Plaza), to be used as interim office space for Town staff while our Town Hall undergoes a rebuild and expansion.

The terms of the lease allow us to rent just under 5,000 square feet of office space at about $3 per square foot through September 2023 (when we anticipate the new Town Hall being completed), with the option to extend should the remodel project go over schedule. Barring that contingency, the total cost of interim office space during the remodel (including moving costs and tenant improvements) is estimated at $489,000.

In public meetings spanning the past several months, we evaluated not only multiple commercial properties in town for lease, but also alternatives to leasing office space, including renting office-type trailers to park on Town property. Staff's in-depth analysis showed that leasing office space at Hunt Plaza provided the best value for taxpayers.

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