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Approve Corte Madera Inn Redevelopment - YES

The Best Western Corte Madera Inn is considered by many to be Corte Madera's primary hotel. Residents value it as a place for visiting friends or family to stay, while local businesses prize the customers it brings into town. But as even its own management will tell you, the hotel is past due for an update.

That's why I was thrilled to vote in support of a comprehensive redevelopment proposal for the property, brought forth by Reneson Hotels, to completely revitalize the site into a new 149-room Marriott-branded hotel. The new hotel went through an extensive, multi-year design process and repeated public hearings to solicit community feedback, and to make sure the new design blends harmoniously with the surrounding neighborhood. The result is a beautiful project we can all be proud to host!

In addition to being a major boost to local businesses and a much nicer place for visitors to stay, the project will also come with a suite of benefits for the community, including new street landscaping and under grounding of power lines along Tamal Vista.

The new hotel will incorporate many sustainability features, including rooftop solar and grey water recycling (recycled water from the laundry alone will save more than 600,000 gallons a year!). Critically, the project team has also committed to helping restore the pond on the property, which is a sensitive wetland habitat that's home to a resident population of black-crowned night herons.


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