Teaching by Turns

I'm excited to share with you my idea for a new program that will help build a stronger town by providing opportunities for older and younger members of our community to interact with and learn from each other. It's called Teaching by Turns, and the idea is simple: young and old Corte Maderans take turns teaching each other about topics from a generation their audience might not be totally familiar with.

With society rapidly changing, people can sometimes find it hard to relate to people they perceive as being "from another era." The divide goes both ways: today's youth sometimes feel that their elders don't understand the intricacies and pressures of our technology-driven present, while older people sometimes feel that tech-savvy kids are losing sight of life's simpler, concrete joys.

Teaching by Turns provides a forum for residents of all ages to learn more about an era they're less familiar with, and to teach others about the era with which they identify most. The program would be structured as a recurring schedule of brief lectures, with each speaker at least 20 years older or younger than the last.

Speakers can prepare their own lecture on any topic, but they should try to choose a topic closely related to the "generation" they represent, and one which can inspire an engaging and intellectually stimulating discussion among the community. The result will be speakers and topics as diverse as a high school student discussing "texting etiquette," or an octogenarian speaking on early air travel.

I believe this program has the potential to bring our community closer together and foster more interaction between diverse age groups in a way that is both fun and interesting for all involved. I look forward to working with anyone who is willing to help make this vision a reality, because I think Corte Maderans of all ages would enjoy it greatly.

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