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Local Business

Growing our local economy while enhancing town character

  • Hire a Neighbor program: work with the Chamber of Commerce to create a convenient directory of locally-owned businesses and services for Corte Maderans to call on

  • Level the playing field between local businesses and big chain stores

  • Help local businesses prioritize sustainability and reap the economic benefits

  • Continue investing in Old Corte Madera Square

Hire a Neighbor program

see also: Education

  • Create a convenient directory of local businesses and services for Corte Maderans to call on. The Hire a Neighbor program is all about building a stronger community by working with our neighbors; a directory of the goods and services provided by Corte Maderans will make it easy for citizens to give their business to someone they can trust, while growing the local economy.

  • Work with the Corte Madera Chamber of Commerce to promote local businesses and services. The Chamber of Commerce has relationships with local businesses that will make it an important partner in actualizing the Hire a Neighbor program. The goal of the program—growing the local economy—meshes perfectly with the Chamber's mission.

  • Read all about the Hire a Neighbor program here.

Building a fair local economy

see also: Taxes

  • Create a level playing field between local businesses and the big chain stores. Our two large shopping malls play an important role in the community and are valuable assets to the town, but it's important that unique, local businesses have a fair shot at competing with the large chain stores

Encourage green commerce

see also: Environment

  • Work with local businesses to integrate sustainability into Corte Madera's economy. It's important that we grow the local economy in a way that's consistent with the value our community places on environmental health. The Town should work with local businesses to help them implement green business practices.

Support our historic downtown
  • Continue investing in Old Corte Madera Square. Old Corte Madera Square is pleasant but unfulfilled. Let's continue to revitalize our unique downtown while highlighting and respecting its rich history, restoring it to its rightful place as Corte Madera's beating heart.

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