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Keeping Corte Madera clean & beautiful for future generations

  • Build on Corte Madera's leadership in renewable energy

  • Help our homes and businesses become their own generators

  • Work with Zero Waste Marin to make our town Zero Waste by 2025

  • Save water by recycling graywater

  • Support regular volunteer clean-ups in our town and marshes

  • Restore our Ecosystem initiative: develop a guidebook to help residents plant native species, replace nonnative species on all public property with native ones, and marshal volunteer efforts to help remove invasive plants and propagate native plants around town

Green energy
  • Build on Corte Madera's leadership in renewable energy. The Town Council made a great step forward in switching the Town over to 100% renewable energy. Let's expand on that progress by working with the County and neighboring towns to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Help our homes and businesses become their own generators. It's time for Corte Madera to take the next step in energy responsibility, by working with MCE to encourage the small-scale generation of green energy in town—a potential revenue source for the Town and citizens.

A cleaner future

see also: Homelessness

  • Work with Zero Waste Marin to make our town Zero Waste by 2025. We must continue to set and work towards ambitious goals to reduce our town's carbon footprint and waste. Let's hear from local voices and brainstorm innovative ways to reduce litter and pollution around town—an issue that affects us all in our daily lives.

  • Save water by recycling graywater. Graywater is wastewater that hasn't come into contact with sewage, and can be safely used for purposes like flushing toilets and watering plants. Let's work with Central Marin Sanitation Agency and local municipalities to take on a major untapped frontier in sustainability.

  • Support regular volunteer clean-ups in our town and marshes. Waste is prevalent along our freeways and in our marshes, where homeless residents generate excessive litter. Let's support and continue regular volunteer missions to repair our local environment by picking up trash.

Intelligent growth
  • Encourage ecologically responsible building practices. Let's help make Corte Madera the model of an environmentally sensitive town by encouraging the use of permeable pavements and shade trees at parking lots and streets.

  • ​Work with relevant authorities to protect our land. Corte Madera must protect its precious natural spaces from development, and seek all state and federal assistance available to keep our preserves safely wild.

Restore our Ecosystem initiative
  • It's time to begin undoing the ecological damage we've caused. For decades, people have introduced invasive plant species to the area, damaging the local flora and fauna. Corte Madera should be a leader in reversing that damage and restoring local ecology.

  • Public land should be planted with the species that belong here. Let's begin the process of removing invasive plants from Town land, parks, and preserves, and replacing them with indigenous plant species that support a healthy local ecosystem.

  • Help homes and businesses repair the local ecology. The Town should provide private landowners with the assistance and know-how to make ecologically conscious choices when redoing their landscaping, helping restore our ecosystem one lot at a time.

  • Read all about the Restore our Ecosystem initiative here.

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