Award <$550,000 Contract for Slide Repair - YES

We took the unusual step of authorizing the Public Works Director to award a contract for repairing and stabilizing areas of town damaged by landslides before any contractors had yet bid on the project. While we normally would not authorize the award of a contract without seeing the bids (and selecting the lowest responsible bidder) first, we decided to give the Public Works Director advance approval in this case because this critical work needs to begin before the onset of the rainy season. In order to make sure this unusual advance authorization couldn't result in the Town entering an exorbitant contract, we stipulated that the advance approval was only valid if the contract amount was les

Switch Landscapers to Save $150,000 - YES

In the interest of saving public funds, we ended our business relationship with the landscaping company the Town had been using for the past 15 years in favor of a different company that will provide the same services at two-thirds the cost. As the new company, Flores Builders, proved through a several month trial period that they can provide the same level of exceptional service the Town expects, this was a no-brainer. Landscaping costs have gone from $450,000 per year to $300,000, saving $150,000 per year. Hurray!

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