Adopt New 5G Regulations - YES

5G—the next generation of "small-cell" wireless technology—promises to be much faster than anything we currently have, enabling all sorts of new commercial and military uses. As such, the Trump Administration has identified early US dominance in 5G as a national security priority. Unfortunately, there are also seemingly valid concerns about the potential health and environmental effects of 5G radiation that have not yet been adequately studied. While the scientific consensus is still out on whether 5G poses any harm to human health, the precautionary principle—the idea that we shouldn't expose entire communities to a new technology before we know it's safe to do so—has led to a broad pushbac

Establish Madera Gardens Parking Permit Program - YES

This was a painful one for me. Last academic year, Redwood High School instituted a new policy—without consulting the Town of Corte Madera—preventing students who park their cars on campus from leaving campus at lunch. The easily foreseeable result has been that students who want to drive to lunch spots off-campus began parking in the residential neighborhoods surrounding Redwood, including in Madera Gardens. Residents quickly found themselves unable to park in front of their own houses, their streets now flooded with high school students driving like... well, high school students. After initial attempts to negotiate a policy solution with Redwood were disappointingly fruitless, and with res

Cybersecurity Is Now A Local Issue

As the Vice Mayor of a small town, cybersecurity is one of my top concerns, and if it isn’t already, it should be one of yours too. Here’s why. Last year, Atlanta’s outdated computer systems were hacked in a massive attack that ended up costing the city more than $17 million to recover from. Baltimore was struck just months later, its poor cybersecurity costing the city $18 million. Then Greenville, North Carolina. Then Riviera Beach, Florida. The list goes on. In 2019, a focus on cybersecurity at the local level isn’t a sign of paranoia or a flight of fancy—it’s a key aspect of responsible governance. There are numerous reasons why municipal systems are proving a favorite target for hackers

Award $1,507,915 Contract for Roadwork - YES

One of the central functions of local government is to maintain local infrastructure, especially the roads. To that end, we voted to award a $1,507,915 contract to Ghilotti Brothers (the lowest responsible bidder) for the 2019 Road Rehabilitation Project. The Project consists of repaving and improvements totaling 1.3 miles on Manzanita Ave., Sausalito St., Oakdale Ave., Buena Vista Ave., Eastman Ave., and Montecito Dr., and has been timed to occur after underground sewer work under those roads, to avoid tearing up freshly paved roads.

Allow the Town to Staff the Marin Emergency Radio Authority - YES

The Marin Emergency Radio Authority (MERA) is a countywide organization that helps keep Marin residents safe by coordinating emergency calls and 911 dispatch. To accomplish these functions, MERA "rents" staff from various Marin agencies and municipalities. In February, MERA requested that Corte Madera consider leasing some staff to the organization. After a careful internal review, we determined that our staff has the capacity to help MERA, and that the payment to be gained from contracting out our staff's "excess" capacity—$65,000 per year—makes it worthwhile to Corte Madera residents. Since the contract can be canceled should we need to reclaim the staff capacity being leased to MERA, I wa

Award <$600,000 Contract for High Canal Repair - YES

We took the unusual step of authorizing the Public Works Director to award a contract for repairing parts of the High Canal embankment (which was damaged by storms in 2018) before any contractors had yet bid on the project. While we normally would not authorize the award of a contract without seeing the bids (and selecting the lowest responsible bidder) first, we decided to give the Public Works Director advance approval in this case because waiting to bring the bids back to Council would have pushed the project outside the narrow window for construction that was set by state environmental regulations. In order to make sure this unusual advance authorization couldn't result in the Town enter

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