Ban Retail Cannabis Dispensaries - YES

The decision of whether or not to allow retail cannabis dispensaries in Corte Madera was a difficult one for me. When we first considered the issue in December of 2018, I felt that regulating cannabis more strictly than we regulate alcohol would be hypocritical; it seems clear to me that alcohol presents a greater danger to public health and safety, and yet there's a liquor store right across the street from Town Hall. However, over the ensuing months, my thoughts on the issue began to change. This process began as a result of meetings I had with several doctors and medical researches from Corte Madera and the surrounding areas, who presented to me their views on the medical dangers of canna

Award $637,000 Contract for Sanford/Casa Buena/Meadowsweet Intersection Reconfiguration - YES

The junction of Sanford Street, Casa Buena Drive, and Meadowsweet Drive (by the library) has long been the most dangerous intersection in town, and I was thrilled to vote yes on doing something about it. The $636,998 contract for this roadwork went to local construction firm Ghilotti Brothers. Besides various sightline and geometric improvements to make the intersection safer for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, perhaps the biggest change will be that Sanford will go from being a 2-way street to a 1-way street, southbound only (towards the library). Drivers wanting to go from the library back out to Tamalpais Drive will use Conow Street to access Casa Buena; both calculations and a real

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