Approve Central Marin Gap Closure Project - YES

The Central Marin Gap Closure Project makes improvements to the transportation networks around Wornum Drive and Nellen Avenue, including bike/pedestrian path upgrades and new crosswalks and intersections that are redesigned for enhanced safety. Part of the project includes creating access to southbound Nellen from Eastbound Fifer Avenue, to relieve congestion on Fifer and Tamal Vista. This area has long been one of the most awkward and congested parts of town, and this project will finally bring the area's roads and paths up to standard while reducing traffic. Because we secured at grant for $415,000, the Town only has to pay $55,000 to design $470,000 worth of improvements—a great deal for

Approve Development: The Preserve at Corte Madera - YES

When it comes to proposed developments, I start by asking two main questions: how would it affect our community, and how would it affect the environment? The effects that this project would have on our community are negligible; traffic studies show that there would be no impact on traffic (consider that this 24-unit proposal is immediately adjacent to a 180-unit apartment complex; the effect would on traffic be comparable to the normal variations in traffic flow that happen as the occupancy rate at that apartment complex fluctuates). Given that the development would sit at the foot of Ring Mountain surrounded by structures on much higher ground, the effect on views would also be negligible.

Post Town Employee Pay Schedule Online - YES

Transparency and good governance were one of the central issues I campaigned on, and this vote was an undeniable and exciting advancement of those ideals. I voted to publicly post the pay schedule for Town employees, because I believe the public has a right to know how their tax dollars are being spent.

Allow Dogs on Leash in Parks - YES

To me, this was a common-sense and long-overdue vote. Many Corte Madera residents have dogs, and I feel strongly that responsible dog owners should be allowed to walk their dogs in our parks. Of course, responsible is the operative word here: dogs must be on leash, and their owners must pick up after them. Both of these points are codified in the ordinance, which was recommended by the Parks and Recreation Commission in a 7-1 vote.

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