Approve $10,950 Performance Bonus for Town Manager - YES

When our Town Manager, Todd Cusimano, left his position as the Chief of Police to join us, we expected great things of him—and he’s outperformed every expectation. Todd has been an incredible asset to the Town, helping transition us into a new era of open and effective governance. I was pleased to vote in support of giving him a one-time, $10,950 bonus as provided for by his contract, as a reward for his outstanding service to the community.

Move Town Elections to Coincide with State Primaries - YES

I campaigned on a commitment to good governance, and to me, part of good governance is making it easier for the public to participate in our democracy. That's why I voted to move the Town's local elections from June of even-numbered years to coincide with the state primaries (recently moved to March), when many voters will already be going to the polls. Research has shown that our June elections received low turnout, while the state primaries receive higher turnout. It is every American's job not just to exercise our sacred right to vote, but also to help others vote, and this is even more true of public officials. As an elected official, I see it as my duty to knock down the barriers that p

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