Private Sewer Laterals: What's Going On?

With the passage last year of a new Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance, the previous Town Council codified longstanding but unevenly-enforced policies regarding the inspection and repair of private sewer laterals. There has been robust discussion in the community about the implications of this action, and many questions raised about this complex issue. Here is a primer on the situation: What are laterals? Private sewer laterals (PSL or laterals) are the pipes that carry sewage from your home to the sewer main lines that run under the streets. They generally start at your foundation and end under the middle of the street outside your house. Ultimately, all our sewage is pumped to the Central Mar

Join 5G Lawsuit Against the Trump FCC - YES

It’s one thing to complain about the president in the context of one’s personal politics, but it’s another thing entirely when the Trump Administration’s egregious disregard for the Constitution affects Corte Madera’s rights to local control—and especially our right to protect public safety. 5G is the next generation of wireless technology currently being developed by telecom companies around the world. While it is expected to be massively faster than the current technology, health experts warn that there are concerns about 5G radiation's potential effects on human health that have not yet been adequately studied. In the face of reasonable doubt, many communities decided to act based on the

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