Award $250,000 Contract for Development of Climate Adaptation Plan - YES

I made it clear in my campaign for Town Council that I was laser-focused on the only existential threat Corte Madera faces: climate change. I'm incredibly proud to say that our Town has now taken its first major step to date towards preparing for that threat by developing a Climate Adaptation Plan. I voted to award a $250,000 contract for developing this plan to Adaptation International, a consultancy renowned for their work helping cities and towns prepare for the challenges climate change will bring. This vote was a huge win for Corte Madera for a number of reasons. Because of our unique exposure to both flooding and wildfire, responding to climate change will be where Corte Madera spends

Update Climate Action Plan - YES

In 2016, Corte Madera took the major step of adopting a Climate Action Plan, setting a series of ambitious goals to reduce our contribution to climate change. Since then, scientists’ understanding of climate change and our role in causing it has continued to change, necessitating an update to the document reflecting the latest evidence and data. I voted yes on this update because I believe the principles of responsible governance require our Town to act based on the most accurate and up-to-date information available to us.

Award $319,000 Contract for Design of Town Hall Addition - YES

Corte Madera has outgrown its Town Hall. For years, our public works department had been housed not in Town Hall, but in the nearby fire station. Now, with the recent consolidation of the Corte Madera and Larkspur fire departments into the Central Marin Fire Department, the fire department needs that space back, leaving Public Works with nowhere to go. Public Works is currently housed in a double-wide trailer in the Town Hall parking lot, but this is not a permanent solution. It's time to expand Town Hall, which is woefully outdated and provides inadequate and substandard working space for staff. To that end, I voted to award a contract for $318,636 to local firm Ron Kappe Architects for des

Update Social Host Ordinance - YES

I voted yes to updating our Social Host Accountability Ordinance, which attempts to prevent minors from being able to host parties where alcohol is present, to include marijuana and cover gatherings on party buses or limousines—scenarios that are unfortunately common among local high schoolers, especially around prom. The ordinance and our vote to update it are a direct response to the persistent and dangerous abuse of drugs and alcohol by underage youth, especially when parents are negligent or not present. This vote brought our Social Host Accountability Ordinance in line with the County's ordinance, which makes it easier for police officers to enforce (they don't have to work under two di

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