Reflections on a Successful Campaign

Some exciting data points from a thrilling campaign: Over 4 months, we visited the homes of more than 4,000 voters 66% of Corte Madera voters supported Eli Beckman (thank you all for that honor!) They cast 2,281 votes in favor of helping our town seize this moment of opportunity By a long shot, this was the most votes in history for any candidate for Corte Madera Town Council Their support elected the youngest elected official in Marin County! These facts say only one thing: the people of Corte Madera recognize that this is a critical moment for our community, and they agree overwhelmingly with our determination to invest in our town's future. It's clear that our platform of renewing our com

We Did It!

It is my great honor to be elected to the Town Council in my hometown of Corte Madera. There is so much about this community that makes the opportunity to serve it an immense privilege. Corte Madera is unrivaled in the generosity of its citizens, the nobility of its values, and the beauty of its surroundings. In a time of deep divisions, Corte Madera remains a refreshing and inspiring community of close-knit friends and neighbors. In that spirit, I look forward to dedicating the next years of my life to faithfully serving all Corte Madera residents—young or old, struggling or wealthy, liberal or conservative. I’m excited by the opportunities our town faces right now, and motivated by the dif

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