Restore our Ecosystem Initiative

Human settlement is often extremely damaging to local ecosystems—but it doesn't have to be that way. The Restore our Ecosystem Initiative is a low-cost drive to heal some of the environmental damage we've caused, in two phases: first by halting the continued spread of invasive species, and then by beginning to replace invasive species with native ones. Natural ecosystems are well-oiled machines, honed by evolution over hundreds of millions of years, with each native species playing a vital role in the overall system. The visible base of these delicate systems is their plants: native plants support native bugs and insects, which support native birds and larger animals. When native plants are

Hire a Neighbor Program

The closeness of Corte Madera's community is one of our town's strongest assets. That's why I'm proposing a program that will harness that closeness and use it to the advantage of local workers and businesses. The Hire a Neighbor Program is simple: a public directory created by the Town in partnership with the Corte Madera Chamber of Commerce and local school districts that connects local customers with stores, local clients with services, and local students with internships and apprenticeships. FOR CONSUMERS Local professionals and locally owned/run stores and businesses would have a page in the directory with a description of what they do, their contact information, and their ties to the c

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